The End - A Brandnew Beginning

by The Matter Of China

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First EP of the German Melodic Metalcore Band The Matter Of China. True Metalcore with mind-blowing melodies! Visit us on


released June 4, 2014



all rights reserved


The Matter Of China Fulda, Germany

TMOC is the product of five Metal-Freaks gathered to create the most headcrashing Metalcore. The source of this brute energy they convert can be found in the knowledge about the grievances burdening all our lives day by day. The guys are mostly found best mooded with a sight on the positivities. It’s their message –stay positive, hold on– which prevents from drowning too deep into our sick world. ... more

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Track Name: Weight Of Consequences
Chained to a stone - Nailed to the cross
roads - which one shall I take

Weight of Consequence
That drags you down
No more time to waste
Roads grow out of going them

Find something that holds you
Don’t grab it too tight
It will break and fall apart
Feel it slipping through your fingers

Falling Deeper
falling behind
fall to the floor
and feel yourself breaking down
so lonely falling deeper
fall to the floor
and feel yourself breaking down

weight of consequence
that holds you to the ground
it‘s the time we experience on earth
that defines your life

Right or left behind - decide if you want to
be torn between - fall into the river


so long we‘ve been lying on this rotten floor
Only thought: pack your fucking things and go
inside my mind you‘ve been gone long ago
Oh what a waste of time...

fall into the river that leads you the way
and sink!
Track Name: The End - A Brandnew Beginning
The Walls are coming closer
Blackness surrounds us
We’re used to this
We know how to resist

Welcome to the final prayer
Get up, before it’s too late
Welcome to the fire
That washs our sins away

The end is near
We feel it’s crumbling down
Roots and links are dashed
Flags and curtains burning - Fires burning!

A Message out of the deep
Of our screaming hearts
Reveals the truth
To never be afraid of farewell

Fuck your fear
Or Fear fucks you
Pain of Loss is our teacher
on this way
We’re alone and lost
Life depends on choices

Let’s burn those frayed ends
We’ll start a brandnew story
Burn the page to rearrange
For tonight and evermore

Welcome to the final prayer
Get up, before it’s too late
Welcome to the fire
That washs our sins away

Track Name: As long as you're there
Alone and lost, afraid of living
and bored by existence
Godless but not without faith

We decide when to lose hope
When to lose ourselves
and what we are

The moment the world
breaks in two
Becoming something
we’ve never wanted

As cold as life cutting flesh
as well the one's we love the most
We ignore and breed our fears
slipping further away

From what we could have been
from the beginning on.
Mortal we are,
but blessed with an eternal spark

the moment the world breaks in two
Becoming something
we’ve never wanted

We're going to keep this fire burning
We’re the ones to raise the flag
We’re the ones to keep our souls
as long as you‘re there

Take a look around
see where we stand
We have to open our eyes
With this embrace
you’ll find a way


Mortal we are
but blessed with an eternal spark
Mortal we are!
Track Name: The Reckoning
the truth is always hidden
behind an opaque wall out of lies
and self-aggrandizement
only in a moment you get
a great view on what is real
for this, listen to your feelings
and take it to your heart

the worst thing for each
and every to get hurt
is a loved person that lies to you
distrust is the result of it
disconnection of two sides
comes true

so you wanna hurt me
with your freaky sight of life?
I will tell you something
you won't like

you will believe me
what you get
in return you will regret
you always get what you give
you always get what you deserve
this is a poetry of existence
the equilibrium of our world
so decide for yourself
how you wanna spend your time
and treat others like you
want to be treaten

I have to go
cause I choose to be me
and not like you
it feels better now
because I escape your abuse

holding a person captive
in an unknowing condition
telling him lies in a big size while he tries
to demise the feelings he has back to you
will bring suffering for both sides

maybe not now you will
understand, but later
the equilibrium will regulate everything


since this one day
you're carrying a curse with you
you will be in my situation
disappointment will lay over you
sadness, misunderstanding
the world in gray
this all will lead you through the day

you'll remember me
and you'll remember our time
you will think of the mistakes
you made, babe
this issue is not mine anymore
and I'll never again be
there to help you

yours is mine - and mine is yours
now you realize
the irony of mutuality
this circle moves on
till everyone understands
justice will dawn
We are all one

Justice will dawn
We are all one

Track Name: Missed Chances
So who is dancing
round the corner
Twisting my mind
and waking desire

Again it appears
as we didn’t expect it
Everything changes
after you HIT ME
hit me, hit me

a great feeling that‘s well known to us
starts moving throughout our bodies
brains opperate together
and a power within makes us rush

suddenly the music starts
and our heartbeats come one
and the time before you hit me
is transitionally gone

Not the first time
we meet my friend
Let’s see how
far we can go by incident

Strange to remember,
not to use this potential
I won’t miss a single chance
no more, NO

it‘s always the same when it starts
and we say this time let‘s go
not too far, but we fail
that‘s okay we want more
make a higher score
and them all fall to the floor

because together
there‘ll be nothing that holds us
conquer the world
and bring the jackpot home


It’s not the others it’s me
Not daring to try
Not to talk with pretty, pretty words
But to have the guts
To go and do something
The good is going
to happen today I feel it